Thursday, April 1, 2010

Positive Feedback

So far I've received two e-mails regarding the critiques I did for the screenplay competition. Both were so overwhelmingly gracious, they made me tear up. I thought I would be bombarded with hostile screenwriters questioning my judgment, pissed off that I tore their baby a new one, if they responded at all. Maybe this is just me projecting because I am terrible at taking creative criticism, even if I know they're right.

Both screenwriters that responded were just so happy that someone read their script and took the time to appreciate both its strengths and areas it could be improved. They took my advice seriously and are actually excited to rewrite. I personally hate rewriting even though I know it is necessary. So again, I must be projecting. Anyway, I was overjoyed to receive those e-mails, though I wonder if they don't get forwarded to us if the writers are indeed pissed. That could be why I haven't gotten any hate mail. My name is anonymous twice over luckily so my house won't get fire-bombed by the writers of some of the truly dismal scripts. So even more good news.

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