Thursday, September 30, 2010

Several Things

1. I just 'monetized' this blog, meaning I allowed Google to decide whatever ads best fit the content of said blog in order to perhaps make some money off of it. I know that this will in all likelihood never happen, but it couldn't hurt, right? And even if it does, the payoff is probably pennies. I'm just curious to see what they choose to advertise. I hope it's pie.

2. I almost ran over no less than 3 Orthodox Jewish folks on my way to a cappella practice tonight. Not on purpose. Unlike the 3 people on bikes I usually almost run over every day on the way home from work. Now those people I probably would aim for. Ten points for the snooty yoga-mat toting girls, twenty for the pretentiously 'green' yuppies of either gender. Not that I have anything against bikes, the environment, good exercise, or saving money on gas/insurance/metal box on wheels. But you can't ride a bike on the mean streets of LA and expect to live very long.

3. Today as I mentioned earlier was payday. Sweet. Tomorrow is chicken sandwich day. Even sweeter.

4. Whilst spying on my neighbors this morning, I noticed two detectives visiting the home of my neighbors across the street. They had guns, handcuffs, the whole nine. The looked more like software engineers than detectives, but the hardware they were packing was pretty impressive. I don't know what that was about, but it was pretty exciting. Hopefully I'll hear something from my wonderfully gossipy landlady who is always in the know. If I don't, then I'm making something up. Because all kinds of crazy goes down in this joint. And it's my job to observe, report, and possibly exaggerate. Because I have no life of my own.

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