Monday, February 22, 2010

In Praise of the Midwest Teen Sex Show

No, it's not porn. The Midwest Teen Sex Show was first introduced to me in my Sociology of Sexuality (aptly nicknamed Soc 69) class a few years ago. It's a series of short videos containing several skits based on topics like "Condoms," "Vaginas," and "Hook Ups." For once a teen-oriented program actually manages to avoid the awkwardness of traditional sex eduction with its textbook definitions, anatomically correct yet vague diagrams, and the uncomfortable throat-clearing coughs of teachers ill-equipped to relate to youth on any subject, much less sex. MTSS is genuinely funny, captivating the short attention spans of the youtube generation and discussing issues that whether adults want to admit it or not, teenagers will face eventually. It's a show that embraces sex positivity, not making you ashamed of your body or what you might be interested in sexually. It celebrates sex as a good thing, not to be taken too seriously. What it does take seriously is your physical and emotional health, always emphasizing the importance of birth control, STD prevention, and ensuring that you're ready to take that step on your own, without feeling pressure or guilt from someone else.

In a society that seems to be torn between the super conservative 'any and all sex not specifically intended for reproduction is morally wrong and dirty' (I'm looking at you Jonas Brothers), and the super liberal 'have tons of crazy reckless monkey sex and deal with any subsequent babies and/or diseases as they arise' (16 and Pregnant ladies), the Midwest Teen Sex Show actually recognizes that many teenagers will have sex and need to be informed and understand not only the consequences but the joys. On top of the sociological aspect of the show, it's freaking hysterical, so you should watch it even if you're not a teenager and are already well aware of how to navigate your sexuality. So congratulations Midwest Teen Sex Show, we here at Sporadic Sporkitudes (we meaning me...) salute you!

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