Sunday, February 21, 2010

US vs Canada Hockey

I'm not a huge fan of the Olympics, Summer or Winter, and I don't even really have a working television so I haven't been able to watch any of the events even if I so desired. But I am totally stoked about the fact that the US just beat Canada in men's hockey! I discovered hockey almost exactly one year ago today (because naturally it did not exist outside of the Mighty Ducks trilogy before I graced it with my attention). One of my favorite film professors took a friend of mine and me to a game at the Ponda in Anaheim to see the real Mighty Ducks (for they will always be mighty to me) play some crappy team from Texas who happened to win that night. It was the most epic experience of my life. I am obsessed with Canada and would totally become an ex-pat in Vancouver if the weather didn't suck so bad. So sharing in their national pastime was inevitable for me. Big, burly, be-stubbled yet surprisingly graceful men with big sticks beating the crap out of each other for a living? SCORE!!!!! (if you'll pardon the pun. Though you shouldn't. Because I totally did it on purpose) Anyway, I am now a huge hockey fan and watch it whenever I can. Which is rarely.

Tonight presented a huge challenge for me. I am a patriot when it comes to the idea of the Olympics, but my heart belongs to Canada. However, reading the yahoo headlines that we had not only scored an early goal but beat those bloody Canucks for the first time in 50 years, completely warmed my icy American heart! So just for tonight I will say SUCK IT CANADA!!!! as I hum the Star Spangled Banner completely unironically. Tomorrow I will wake up and resume my apathy towards most every other sport as well as my O Canada ringtone.

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  1. So Canada has just won the gold over America. Strangely I feel completely neutral about this. Funny, I was so stoked when we won but now I don't really care that we lost. Maybe I'm just completely over the Olympics. I want my shows back NBC and the other networks who don't want to compete with Olympic coverage ratings! Bring back Chuck, the Office, and 30 Rock!