Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stanley the Manly

I have often mentioned my delightfully quirky automobile, Stan, in this here blog. This is because he is a big part of who I am. He was originally named after the unseen wealthy, overweight, elderly husband of Karen on Will and Grace, mostly because I happened to be watching that sitcom the night I got him. Stan also gets his name from my favorite South Park character at the time (even though I'm so over that show now). What I did not know at the age of 16, was that Stan's personality is largely similar to that of Stanley Hudson on the Office. (Now on Season Five, so bear with the incessant references.) From the moment I first sat in the drivers' seat, I felt that his name was Stan.

Stanley Hudson, Dunder Mifflin Paper Co.

I had always imagined the human embodiment of Stan to be much older. But after watching countless hours of the Office, I realize that Stan is truly a disgruntled, African-American, middle-aged office worker who hates his job, loves crossword puzzles, and in general can't be bothered. Stan/Stanley both sometimes refuse to work on principle. They are stubborn and cantankerous, but they get the job done. They are lovable, misunderstood curmudgeons, and are usually taken for granted despite their considerable efforts. Sometimes they have heart attacks/break down in the middle of intersections. And sometimes they sass their boss ("Did I Stutter?" "Rrr rrr rrr, not gonna start no matter what you do, Hutch!"). But ultimately, they are essential to the team. So even though sixteen-year-old me had not even heard of The Office, deep down I knew that one day Stan would meet (or hear second-hand from me, his driver), his television soulmate: Stanley Hudson. And it wouldn't make one bit of difference. But still. Trippy.

God's gift to me.

And on a completely unrelated note, I am psyched that I was hardcore and lit my own oven's pilot light (which goes out all the frickin' time. I usually just call the Gas Company and freak out that there's a "leak," like a helpless little girl.) But I wanted those crescent rolls, dammit. And I provided for myself and made it happen. Now I'm feeling all empowered and stuff. Hoo-ah!

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