Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spontaneous Move-Busting

Did you ever hear a song that you've always liked but never really noticed in a big way? Then all of a sudden you hear it again and it's like the most mind-blowing thing ever? You have to listen to it a minimum of ten times in a row just to fully appreciate its awesomeness. You may even find yourself spontaneously busting a move in your living/bedroom, the kind that you wouldn't be caught dead dancing in front of anyone else. It feels soooo good though!

The song in question is a silly little pop rock song called "Ultraviolet" by the Stiff Dylans (although I'm not sure if that's their real name). It's from the Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging soundtrack, and is such a joyful, happy song that it's undeniable despite its seemingly superficial pop melody. I had a sudden craving to listen to it while reading the previously discussed Bridget Jones book since Angus, Thongs, etc. is essentially Bridget Jones for the middle school sect. For the moment, I am completely obsessed with this song, and am belting the lyrics at the top of my lungs :D

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