Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sticky Business is Legit!

My writing team from UC Irvine has finally registered our dark comic masterpiece, "Sticky Business" with the Writers Guild of America. We kept talking about and putting it off, but Rachel, ever the leader of the group, finally got us to commit and our intellectual property is fully legal now! Unfortunately, now that it's copyrighted, we aren't really allowed to revise it. Sure this is like the fourth or fifth draft and is probably as good as it's ever going to get by semi-amateur screenwriters, but none of us has really looked at the thing in almost a year. What if it's awful? We did go a bit on the broad side with the comic Tarantino-like violence, but that's what made it so unique and fun. Hopefully someone (with money) will discover it and decide that it's worth making into a multi-million dollar feature with a stellar cast. And hopefully that cast will include some of the amazing actors who were kind enough to bring "Sticky Business" to life on stage at the UCI Screenwriting Festival where it won Best Feature Length Script. (Pats ourselves on the back). The copyright is good for five years, so we really have to get cracking on finding an agent or a producer or something to get the ball rolling here. But at least we have our momentum back! Maybe we'll have another writing session at Lee's Sandwiches followed by a trip to Yogurtland just for old time's sake.

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