Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have now joined BlogHer, the blogging network for women, in an attempt to further legitimize this rather pitiful endeavor. Hopefully I'll be able to interact with other tortured artists like myself and maybe gain some readers who don't actually know me. As much as I appreciate the few of you who do read Sporadic Sporkitudes, I still crave the approval or at least recognition of those who aren't obligated by friendship, happenstance, or boredom to follow or comment.

I'm also hoping that it will encourage me to keep writing, even when I'd rather tweeze my eyebrows/organize my closet/run a marathon than sit down at my computer. I've read some good articles so far by other amateur bloggers. They've been fun and inspirational, so I'm going to try and put more effort into my own blog.

I don't really have anything else to report, except my fabulous neighbor screeching "YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL, MUTHAFUCKA!!" Reminded me of a ghetto lady version of Tyler Durden. Now that's a movie I'd pay to see : )

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