Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hypothetically Stressing Out: Utah Edition

In my grand tradition of paranoid over-analyzing and obsessive excuse/list-making, I've decided to compile a pro/con list for the unlikely situation in which I land a job working for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Keep in mind that I haven't even applied and most likely won't, given the outcome of this list, laziness/procrastination/forgetfulness, and my general fear of new and scary situations. But my co-worker planted the seed in my brain and now I can't stop thinking about 'what if...' The main pros are that it's a job I'd be perfect for, having volunteered twice for both the Newport Beach Film Festival, and the Sacramento French Film Festival, and worked two years in a row for the American Film Market, have an extensive background in customer service, and love seeing famous people. Not to mention it would probably set me up for life with a real, permanent job when Sundance ends.

It is kind of pretty there though, and Park City
is more like Colorado than Salt Lake City...

The downside, and it's a mother-effing doozy, is that it would involve packing up and moving my oh-so-fabulous life (note the sarcasm) here in Los Angeles, for the cold, dreary, oppressed world of Park City, Utah. I hate Utah. I've been several times, having gobs of family that reside in that cursed state, so It's not just blind hatred. The worst thing about Utah is that it's not California. I'm a huge California snob, not to mention my immediate family and friends are all here. It would mean leaving my beloved home state for only three months, but is three months really worth that big of a transition?

Famous People (yay!)
Interesting new experience (I like those. Sometimes)
Break from L.A. (I like living here, but this town seriously gets to you)
Change is good (according to Rafiki)
Amazing on resume (Like, epically amazing)
Could lead to even better jobs afterward (arguable)
Perfect for it (never have I been more qualified for a position in my life)
Not great salary, but lots of hours
Passion for independent film, yada yada (Can't let that expensive film degree go to waste!)
Maybe opportunity to see some of those movies for free? (Please?)
Good timing (As this job is almost over)
It's a job.

Utah (Not CA)
Utah (Surrounded by Mormons when I'm headed for Outer Darkness)
Utah (So far away...)
Packing up entire life just for 3 months (if it were longer/permanent I'd be more gung ho. Tee hee, gung ho. Your mom's a gung ho.)
Giving up my sweet bachelorette pad
I hate moving (no, like seriously. The main reason I live in South Central is because I don't want to move again)
Only 3 months (big commitment for short amount of time)
Have to start over to find job/apt. in LA. (it was too easy the first time around. Now not so much)
It's freezing there and I don't even own a raincoat (meaning shopping when I have no $)
Miss both Thanksgiving and Christmas (I LOVE THANKSGIVING!!!! And what is Christmas without your family?)
Miss family (but spend time with Utah family pro/con)
Miss friends, some of which just moved to LA. (I can't ditch them, can I?)
Long hours and weekends (Momma needs her 'me time'.)
I'd still be poor. (And I'm so tired of being poor)
No benefits/insurance (Not that I have any now. But still, I gotta get me some of that eventually)
Updating resume when not in job search mode (Harder for me than it sounds)
Logistical nightmare and I'm afraid of those. (ie finding an apartment, transportation, etc.)
Bad timing (the job starts right after this one, but interviewing, etc. will be tricky during the Market)
I'd rather find a full-time, year-round job. (Is that too much to ask, Universe?)

I may still apply, but then I'll just freak out about actually getting the job (which I probably won't) and then I'll get pissed because I'm perfect for the job and there's pretty slim pickins in these parts. Now is the part where y'all say, get over it Hutch. Either suck it up and update your resume or quit whining and making excuses.

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