Sunday, October 3, 2010

Still Can't Sleep: Dream Car Photo Essay

My brain is just a-buzzin' tonight, even without caffeine. Though I guess a glass of red wine has the same effect. I'm watching Pretty in Pink (with the sleep timer on), and I got to thinking about my favorite film/tv cars. I used to be obsessed with cars, though this was before I ever learned to drive and found out that they're a pain in the ass. But there are still a few fictional vehicles that I would kill to own. Such as:

1. Andie's sweet purple car from "Pretty in Pink"

2. Cameron's dad's Ferrari from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

3. Jake Ryan's Porsche from "Sixteen Candles"

4. Simon's Corvette from "True Lies"

5. Marissa Coooper's Mustang from "The O.C."

6. Chuck's Nerd Herder from "Chuck

7. Mia's Mustang from "The Princess Diaries"

8. Indiana Jones' motorcycle w/ sidecar "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"

9. James Bond's Aston Martin from "Quantum of Solace"

10. Any BMW with Clive Owen in it is fine by me!

Ok, this took way longer than it should have and was a pain in the butt. It should also go without saying that I own the rights to none of these photos and am not profiting from their use. So don't sue me.

UPDATE!!! 7:41 the following morning. For honorable mentions:
1. The Batmobile (but only Christopher Nolan's interpretation. The others are kind of silly)
2. The Ghostbuster mobile.
3. Bumblebee (either version) in Transformers
4. Harold's combination Cadillac/Hearse in Harold and Maude

I'm sure I'll think of more and I wish it wasn't so tricky to upload pictures. But if you don't know what these look like, than shame on you!

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  1. lol.. your tags "Pretty Boys" and "Pretty Cars" really remind me of this one Kenneth Anger experimental film: