Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hypothetical Halloween Costume

As much as I love the Fall season, the sweater weather, apple cider, pumpkin-flavored everything, I loathe dressing up for Halloween. I am the least creative, laziest, and cheapest costume creator alive. The only costume I was ever proud of was my viking opera singer when I was 14 and waaaay too old to be trick-or-treating. Luckily, we had a German exchange student that year so I got away with it so I could show her all the best neighborhoods that give out the really good candy, and how to use a pillowcase instead of a plastic pumpkin so you could haul more.
These are for weaklings.

When I was a baby I made a pretty damn cute clown. My parents were also thrifty, like me, and made me wear that creepy polka-dotted jumper two, possibly three years in a row. This started the tradition of crappy costumes, including one 4-year stint during which I was a princess in the same cheap, blue dress-up gown every Halloween. Other notably lame years include: a teacher (I think I wore a vest and my mom's tote bag that said "Teachers Make a Difference" or something), a graduate (wearing my mom's graduation gown and honors sash from college), and a gypsy, which sounds cool but was poorly executed.

As I got older, naturally I fell prey to the Halloween Slut rule. This is not easy to pull off when you're a chunky lass and have to incorporate spanx into any outfit that shows off the real estate. In college I wore a homemade toga, which actually turned out pretty cool, and was easy to wash after cleaning up my friend's vomit. Then I went as a sexy mobster/mobster's wife, which I thought was bitchin' (I even made my own cigar out of a toilet paper role. Ask me how!), but then I discovered 3 other girls at the same party who were far sexier and looked a lot more like actual mobsters. Halloween fail.

Honestly, the most complicated costume I ever put together. Two hours before.

Last year was my last day off before working two weeks in a row (including weekends and longer hours), so all I really wanted to do was relax. I put on my sweet fake hospital scrubs, acted super self-absorbed, and walked around like I was about to fall over (channeling Meredith Grey). Of course, this was for my own benefit as I spent the day alone watching Tim Burton movies, Clue, and Rocky Horror (my Halloween tradition for years now). I was super excited to give out candy to the neighborhood kids (I never got to do this before). Only 3 kids showed up because as I found out later, they bus all the poor ghetto children to Beverly Hills and the like where they can score real candy. At first I was unhappy about this, but then I realized we used to do the same thing essentially. So I pretty much was just comfy in my scrubs, eating candy, and watching movies. Solid evening.

The resemblance was uncanny.

This year I have to work. I'm cool with that. We're allowed to dress up, but I can't really see my co-workers respecting me after showing up in Lady Gaga's raw meat ensemble. I just don't have the figure for bloody flank steak. And as of yet, I'm not aware of any parties to go to, which is stellar for me. I never think about costumes until a few hours before it's go time, and then I don't believe in spending money on something I'm going to wear once and be uncomfortable in. Not to mention I can never think of anything good (something cute but funny, original, but that people will get, oh and something I already have all the ingredients for).

Where would I hide my spanx? Also, meat is expensive and I don't waste food.

But if I were to dress up, I think I would go as a yuppie. My cute yoga pants (which I only bought because they're comfy and have never actually used for yoga), stretchy work-out tank, obnoxious purple yoga mat rolled up and slung over my shoulder, a starbucks cup, maybe a baby backpack worn on the front, and oversized sunglasses. Cute, comfortable, funny, and for the most part readily available. I'll probably spend the night just like last year, curled up with Johnny Depp, Dr. Frankenfurter, and mini-sized snickers. And as sad as that sounds to you, to me it sounds like Halloween perfection.

Look at them. Their flexibility. Their ability to afford yoga classes. Boo.


  1. in regards to the yuppie costume idea - I approve :D

  2. Last year I was the Kool-aid Man. I don't know if I have the time or capacity to top that this year...maybe next year I'll be a narwhal.

  3. I really don't think anyone could ever top the Kool-Aid Man. That was frickin' genius. The rest of us just shouldn't even try. Though now I think I'm just going to come in my PJs and reindeer robe at work. That would be comfy and I already own everything. Not sexy, but I can live with that.

  4. Dude... agreed. meat is totally expesive. And why waste it on a costume when you can throw it on the grill.


  5. I'm being forced to dress as Princess Leia this year, as the hubby and kid are going as Boba and Jango Fett, respectively. However, I refuse to go as Princess Leia in the gold bikini because (a) I'm a freakin' mom with my kid, and (b) I do not want to freeze my booty off. So, I'm doing the white robe thing. I hope it's easy, because I have nothing for it yet. :-\

    We also haul our kid to a better neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Ours is not all that safe and also the houses are really far apart. Too much work for a small pay-off!

  6. Princess Leia would be a great costume! I wish I could pull off the bikini, but that does sound really cold, especially in October.

    I don't judge kids for not wanting to walk around at night in my South Central neighborhood. I don't even do that, and I can hold my own against potential predators.