Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vili the Warrior!

So I'm watching the new Hawaii 5-0, though I'm still not sure why I like it (other than the pretty boys including Jin from Lost). And out of the blue, there is my Hawaiian boyfriend, Vili the Warrior, performing native tribal chants during a football game on the show. Now, why they were playing football in a Hawaiian cop procedural, I'm not sure. But still, I was stoked to see Vili.

My friend Jenna, My boyfriend Vili, and ME!!

I met the Warrior in Honolulu in August of 2008 at a knockoff version of Cirque du Soleil. I got my picture taken with him and was convinced that we were going to fall in love and get married. Obviously this didn't happen, since he's still in Hawaii and I'm still mentally unstable. But I had planned to get me some mondo Polynesian man-tail while on vacation and Vili, with his crazy bug-eyes and threatening sticking-out tongue face, had me at AHHHHHHHGGGGGGGOOOOLLLOOO!!! Or however that chant went.

When I spotted him on 5-o, I set about googling to see how my former paramour was fairing without me. It turns out Vili has his own website which features the likes of David Hasselhoff enjoying his performance, as well as pictures of Vili chest-bumping various football players. It's quite a treat. Judging by how much he charges for luau appearances, I'd say Vili is doing just fine. Apparently he has also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and Full House. So, you go Vili, congrats on the prime time slot!

UPDATE: Still watching and who else should turn up in this episode, but frickin' Max Cassella, otherwise known as RACETRACK from the Newsies, which is my favorite movie of ALL-TIME!!! Damn, this is a moderately decent show!

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  1. Haha the football was probably an excuse to stick the Maori Haka into the show somewhere. They do it in Texas and New Zealand (for rugby) too. I am obsessed with it! I squealed when I heard it.


    It makes me hot. haha...